Monday, March 7, 2016

How lice infest our hair? Allopathic antilice treatment

How lice infest our hair?

Most people believe that lice come on their own in hairs but this is not true because head lice are contagious and come from head-to-head contact with a currently infected person. This is the reason why head lice are mostly seen in kids who join the school for the first time at 3 years of age. Our kid’s daily interaction with other kids in the school and head to head contact results in transfer of head lice from one kid to another. It is important to note that head lice not only transmit via head to head contact, but can also transmit to people using currently infected person’s towel, comb, or hat.

How effective are allopathic antilice treatment methods?
Some effective allopathic anti lice treatment include use of pyrethrins like over the counter Pronto and Triple-X, use of permethrins like over the counter Nix lotion and Perlice cream and other prescription drugs including Malathion for only kids above 6 years and Lindane which includes many types of side effects. All these allopathic medications are proven to be helpful in lice treatment but carry some or other side effects and risks like Lindane can be toxic to our nervous system and some parts of our brain. Also overuse or misuse of these prescriptive and non-prescriptive drugs can cause serious problems. As head lice are most commonly found in kids, their end users are kids and you need to be very cautious with small children like two to three years of age.

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