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Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil: Buy Online

Jasmine oil helps in making us depression free, healthy, calm, eternally relaxed, and free of diseases. Let us see how:

The delicate jasmine flowers are shaped like stars and have floral-fruity fragrance. Jasmine essential oil is an aphrodisiac, antiseptic, and antispasmodic. It is a galactagogue for women. It is a sedative and a tonic at the same time. Jasmine oil also helps women at the time of childbirth due to its analgesic effects.

The aroma of jasmine oil is pleasant, sweet, warm, and sensual. Gentle jasmine essential oil massage is reassuring and inspiring at the time when you are fed up of your life and are physically and mentally distressed, as this oil is helpful in reducing emotional lability and depression and your total life changes. 

Jasmine oil calms the nerves and stimulates sensuality. This wonder oil also helps in overcoming lack of confidence and anxiety.

Jasmine oil massage introduces optimism and indifference. It is also helpful in combating postpartum depression. On the sexual level, jasmine oil as an aphrodisiac restores sexual confidence. On the physical level, jasmine oil massage relieves pain and muscle spasms. This aromatherapy oil also reduces inflammation, fights infections, and removes excess mucus from the respiratory glands.

Jasmine oil helps in facilitating normal vaginal delivery because it acts as an analgesic at the time of childbirth. Jasmine oil massage on head stimulates the nervous system and application of jasmine oil on breasts stimulates the milk glands and ease off the flow of milk during lactation. Jasmine oil is good for skin as it has a soothing and softening effect on our skin. Jasmine oil helps in reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.
Jasmine oil on face treats inflamed skin and oily skin and scalp. Jasmine oil also works well for dry and sensitive skin. Jasmine oil also inhibits growth of bacteria and helps regulate oily secretions. Jasmine oil is also helpful in treating prostate problems. It also strengthens male sexual organs and increases reproductive health.

Jasmine Oil Extraction - How to choose jasmine oil?

It is interesting to note that jasmine flowers are collected at night. The jasmine plant is full of aromatic smell and flowers can release essential oil for several days after harvesting.

It takes about 3.5 million flowers (approximately 500 kg of flowers) to obtain just 500 grams of pure jasmine essential oil and this is the reason why aromatherapy essential oils are a little bit expensive. Jasmine essential oil is extracted through four types of methods, namely steam distillation, maceration, cold pressing, and solvent extraction.

Steam distillation is an expensive method, but with the introduction of advance technology for oil extraction, jasmine oil extraction can done by cold pressing and solvent distraction.

In solvent extraction, a hydrocarbon solvent is mixed in the jasmine plant material to help dissolve essential oil but this method is not worth because it uses carbon dioxide to extract jasmine essential oil and can leave some solvent residue which can cause skin allergies and can affect the immune system so it is best to use jasmine essential oil extracted through steam distillation or cold pressing.

How to use jasmine oil for health?
  1. For stress, depression, sadness, and low libido: Jasmine essential oil massage or inhalation of jasmine oil spray should be done.
  2. For menstrual pains: Jasmine essential oil can be used in the form of warm oil compresses or baths and also jasmine oil massage.
  3. For labor pains: Use of jasmine oil massage directly to the painful area helps in reduction of pain due to its analgesic effects and it also strengthens the muscles during contractions.
  4. Inhalation of jasmine spray or jasmine oil massage helps in increasing milk production during lactation.
  5. For skin: It is helpful in getting rid of wrinkles and expression lines: Add one drop of diluted jasmine essential oil in face cream.
  6. For joint stiffness and muscle aches and pains: Jasmine oil massage to the affected body parts helps in movement of stiffened joint and helps in calm down aching and painful muscles as it works as a natural muscle relaxant and analgesic.
  7. For the respiratory system, jasmine oil works a natural cough and mucus expectorant with the use of inhalation technique.
  8. Application of one drop of jasmine perfume to the wrists and behind the ears works as a home remedy for body odor.
Side Effects of Jasmine Oil
  1. Do not use jasmine oil during pregnancy until the childbirth and should use it when the labor pain starts.
  2. Excessive use of jasmine oil can alter fluid from the body, especially phlegm.
  3. Excessive use of jasmine oil on scalp may impede mental concentration.

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