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Benefits of Cedar Wood Essential Oil

It is time to relax and calm down your anxiety, build great courage and self-confidence in yourself, dispel feelings of fear, and combat stress, as today I am going to share some interesting information on amazing cedar wood and its essential oil benefits.

The essential oil of cedar wood tree is very aromatic and soothing. This wood has been prized by Mother Nature for its intensely sweet and warm aroma that is balsamic and soothing to our mind and invites meditation.

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Before discussing the beneficial powers of cedar wood and its healing properties, we must have some general information about cedar wood. Cedar is also known as cedro and cedar atlantic. The word cedar has been derived from Latin word cedrus, which comes from the Greek word kedros which was also known as juniper. Atlantic cedar word originated from Latin word atlanticus-a-um which refers to the Atlantic Ocean or Atlas Mountains. Cedar is a Semitic word which means power of God and spiritual strength.

The cedar word is a symbol of constancy of faith. Cedar tree belongs to Pinaceae family of trees which have great longevity and are of very large size. Cedar tree can reach up to 40 meters in height. Cedar tree has pyramid-shaped ascending branches. Cedar wood tree’s bark is scaly, light gray in color, and is slightly cracked.

Cedar tree has green leaves that are 5 to 8 cm in length with pointed apex. Male inflorescence is greenish-yellow and female inflorescence is pale green hue. The leaves of cedar tree turn brown at maturity. Cedar wood is resistant to insects and climatic influences. Cedar is one of the first aromatic woods that have been used in the temples since 5000 or more years ago for temple incense, which has contributed to its mystical image.

The ancient Egyptians considered cedar wood essential oil a gift from God and used it as a marvel on their cosmetic medicine. Cedar wood oil was also used by them in the processes of embalming usually to make mummies out of dead bodies, and also to complement their temples. Cedar wood essential oil has also been used in oriental medicine for treating gonorrhoea.

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Origin and Extraction of Essential Oil
Cedar mostly grows in parts of North Africa, more precisely in the mountains of Algeria and Morocco. The American variety of cedar wood tree is really good for making perfumes and deodorants, but for therapeutic benefits of cedar wood oil, you must have the oil from a true cedar of Moroccan or Algerian descent. The powerful essential oil of cedar wood is obtained by steam distillation of wood when it becomes very viscous, yellow in color, carrying a warm woody fragrance.

12 Benefits of Cedar Wood Essential Oil

  • Works a natural antiseptic, powerful astringent, herbal diuretic, natural expectorant, and very powerful insect repellant.
  • Used by various naturopathics for treating eczema and dermatitis.
  • Powerful against fungal infection.
  • The aroma and application of cedar wood oil promotes blood circulation in the body thereby removing cellulite and water retention problems maintaining weight at the same time.
  • Good for oily skin and itchy scalp, both dry and greasy. Cedar wood oil words as a natural tonic for our hair.
  • The expectorant properties of cedar wood oil make it useful in conditions of chronic bronchitis. It clears up the chronic phlegm deposited in the lung fields.
  • Beneficial in treatment of urinary tract problems like cystitis and nephritis in the form of warm compresses and Sitz baths. It also has a tonic effect on our kidneys.
  • On the emotional level, cedar wood oil scent creates a soothing, relaxing, and balancing environment that promotes reflection, reduction of anxiety, nervous tension, and stressful conditions.
  • Good for dispelling feelings of fear and anger.
  • Provides comfort and courage in difficult situations by encouraging and building self-confidence.
  • Regular application of cedar wood essential oil helps in positive thinking and staying emotionally balanced.
  • Has aphrodisiac properties.

Cedar Wood Essential Oil for Mind
Cedar wood essential oil for nervous system is soothing and works like an antidepressant. This oil stimulates energy and is inspiring. It also works as an aphrodisiac. For nervous system, cedar essential oil can be used in form of massage, bath, vaporizers, and inhalers.

Cedar Wood Essential Oil for Skin
If you have oily skin, chronic acne scars, acute acne, eczema, and itching of any kind, cedar wood essential oil is the best remedy for you. This oil is also good for treatment of seborrhea and alopecia.

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