Monday, July 23, 2012

Treating PCOS with HImalaya Evecare

hi soni, i am carol, 26 yrs.old and married... ive been reading articles lately relating to PCOS, and now i just finished reading Himalayas page with your advice, answers and testimonials of some, relating to PCOS and i found it very informative among all that i have read... and little bit comforted knowing that i am not the only one who is having this syndrome:-). anyway son, this is what i would like to verify from you, because 1 week ago me and my husband visited a gynecologist because im so worried of my mens period because its been 4 months since i didnt have my period and we already tried using a pregnancy test and it always turns out to have a negative result and its distressing me a lot. And After the ultra sound, the doctor told us that i have a PCOS,and then she prescribed the HIMALAYA- EVECARE, with 10ml(3 times daily) for 1month dosage, but as i read the article questions and answers relating the evecare medication,i became confused about the dosage because it was said that you should have to take the syrup at least 3months for desired results. and now, ive been planning to continue taking the syrup for 3months. With this, i would like to ask if this is ok even without following the doctors prescription? and is it ok to ask a favor from you, to give me a piece of advice on herbal medicines for PCOS...Thank you very much son for the information you have given, and it would be a big thing for me in hearing from you. Thanks a lot. Answer: Carol don't worry at all. First of all, God bless you. Take my advice and do a course of HImalaya Evecare one teaspoon three times daily for one month, then two times daily for three months, and then keep on taking this one time daily for one year to completely eradicate this problem. Carol I guarantee you will be able to get pregnant after this. I am telling you this because I have given this advice to a lot of women and girls suffering from PCOS. Best of luck. Sent from my iPhone On 24-Jul-2012, at 0:29, "carol (via HubPages

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