Sunday, March 4, 2012

Importance of fenugreek in boosting lactation after birth

For women who have recently delivered, I would suggest a few things that will work:
1. Drink a large glass of water every time you feed and also eat something before or during feeds. Some women even eat at night since that gives them strength. Do not worry about the weight since you are breastfeeding and you will not put on much weight with this. Rather you will lose with each feed. Most stuff is delivering on to the baby.
2. Jeera definitely helps in the milk production and maintain it. (tadka in all veggies and pulses is a good way to get loads of it).
3. Two to three glasses of milk (for calcium).
4. I have heard from my friends about the Fenugreek tablets and they swear by it to increase milk production in lactating mothers after birth.

Funnierst natural way to stop your roommate from snoring

Breathe Right or any other nasal strips are things of the past and will not work till you teach your roommate the annoyance he creates with his loud snoring. To curb this problem from the root, the best way is to let him sleep and snore again and when he has gone in deep sleep, make a video of him snoring and upload it on youtube. Share with all your social networking, office, and close friends and relatives and also on his facebook profile. After seeing this, your roommate will feel embarrassed and will visit a doctor to help him get rid of this embarrassing problem for him and annoying problem for others.