Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Diet Pills or Herbs

Sometimes, things get so desperately out of hand for a few people that they start to prepare themselves to do anything. Most people who turn towards diet pills for weight loss feel too insecure about their increasing weight that they switch to this option. Other people who sit on their comfortable sofas at home are just too lazy to do anything else, except falling prey to these dangerous diet pills.

Unfortunately, diet pills are not a secret to weight loss but only an indication by someone who claims that he/she knows about how to lose weight with these pills. Selling diet pills is the simplest way to make money from people who have lost hopes of losing weight. Interestingly, no diet pill has ever been proven to help anyone lose weight. Until now, the truth is that if you want to lose weight, you must understand the significance of diet and exercise and start working out from your comfy sofas to a local park for physical activity and modify your inactive lifestyle. You must also incorporate a healthy and nutritious diet in your weight loss regime.

As a true fact no one till now has been able to manufacture diet pills that can magically help you lose weight, but there are some herbs that can help you lose weight. There are actually 2 kinds of herbs that can be utilized for losing weight, one kind helps inhibit your appetite and the other enhances the metabolic process of your body.

Homemade herbal supplements made up of COQ10, green tea, caffeine, kelp, and ephedra can increase metabolic activity of your body but caffeine is not a good herb to enhance metabolism and at the same time is really detrimental for the health of your heart. CoQ10 found in organ meat is really necessary for the human body. Sometimes, our body has very low amounts of CoQ10 so it is possible that our body is already in need of this herbal supplement. On another note, green tea also contains caffeine but of very low amounts and it also contains beneficial nutrients to help enhance metabolism. But it is interesting to note that only increased amounts of green tea help in boosting metabolism and losing weight; up to 12 to 15 cups per day.

Hoodia and fennel herb are very good hunger suppressors. As a natural cooking herb, fennel also helps in boosting production of milk in mothers. But according to some recent studies fennel does not help in weight loss to some extent, but green tea is always a great idea to suppress appetite and enhance metabolism. One the other hand, hoodia herb is good for appetite and thirst suppression naturally. Recent studies have also revealed that hoodia is very harmful for human liver. As a conclusion, depending on diet pills is never a good idea but trying natural herbs, especially homemade herbal recipes for weight loss is a better route.

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