Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reasons for Weight Gain

The main reason most people gain weight is because their calorie intake is more than the amount of calories that they burn. But there are times when you are maintaining a balanced diet with less calorie content, and also taking up regular exercise but are still observing weight gain. If this is the case, then there is probably a bigger issue working which you need to identify and take control of before it gets too late. But before going into an in-depth search for an issue that is out of the ordinary, you first must make sure that you have not gone through a drastic change in your lifestyle and that you are still maintaining the same diet that you always do and are doing the same amount of exercise. Once this is resolved, you should then move on to further investigations.

The main cause for many people, who gain weight irrespective of their gender, is the malfunctioning of their thyroid gland. When your thyroid gland is not producing the required amount of hormone, your metabolic rate slows down. This increases the production of fat and reduces the production of energy hence weight gain results. This is a serious problem and you should immediately consult your doctor.

Having less sleep can also result in weight gain. While sleeping, your body produces a hormone which gives the sensation of sleep and comfort but also helps in breaking down fat and increasing the metabolic rate of your body. If you are lacking in sleep, this can be a probable cause for your weight gain.

Taking a lot of stress can also be a reason. When in stress, your body produces a hormone which increases your hunger. Hence you eat more and crave for food that is high in calorie content. There are also many drugs which people take in times of stress which can promote weight gain and hence cause you problems that are long lasting.

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