Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Simple homemade remedy to remove burnt smell from food and stains from utensils

Ques: During my cooking endeavors, I burn my utensils and also the items being cooked sometimes. Please suggest any idea to remove the burnt smell from pulses, sambhar, etc.? And is there an easy way to remove the burnt part in the utensil without having to keep scrubbing so much? I am always burning something at least one a week. I put something on the stove and go to play with my son and forget all about it.

Ans: This is something I can help with:
  1. To clean burnt stains from utensils, put 2 to 3 teaspoons of baking soda and some white vinegar into the vessel and pout hot water to make a sort of a paste over the burnt areas and leave it for half an hour. Then when you wash it, you won't have to scrub and scrub a lot.
  2. When you realize a dish has burnt at the bottom, then transfer it to a different bowl making sure not to scrape the bottom of the pan and add a few drops of lime juice to the cooked food. There would not be a burnt smell in the cooked dish.
  3. Now regarding your vegetable got burned, here is one more remedy. This works for vegetables that are served with gravy and not the dry ones. If your vegetable got burned, gently remove it in other vessel leaving the burnt part as much as possible. Now in a pan, make gravy recipe of onion and tomato and add vegetable in it.
This will remove the burning smell from vegetable at your home.

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