Monday, April 4, 2011

Homemade Remedies to Get Rid of Pimples and Acne

If you want to permanently get rid of pimples and acne, then this page is for you. Your skin is very clear and glowing at times but at times it breaks badly. This happens due to pimples, boils, and acne. You try your best to keep it clean and eat healthy stuff avoiding fatty or oil food but then also your facial appearance is worsening, the reason is simple you have pimples or acne. People with oily skin are the ones who mostly complain of pimples and acne. Okay we will not go in much detail as everyone knows how it happens. Instead of this, we will directly come to the conclusion and best conclusion for this problem is to get rid of it completely and that also using natural items available at home:

1.    Apply onion or garlic juice directly on boils to get rid of pus.

2.    For blood filled pimples, take a bitter gourd best home remedy for boils. Add one teaspoonful of lime juice in 1 cup of bitter gourd juice. Drink this homemade herbal recipe for pimples. Early morning go to the toilet and empty bowels. Do this for a few months to get rid of them completely.

3.    Milk cream, best homemade recipe was acne and boils. Add half teaspoonful of vinegar in one teaspoonful of milk cream. Now add some turmeric powder to this recipe. Now apply this milk cream on acnes and boils.

4.    Have you ever tried cumin seeds for healing acne? No. I will tell you. Grind cumin seeds in water using a grinder to form a cumin seed paste. Now simply apply to the acne-affected area

5.    If you oil your hair regularly, stop oiling hair for a few days.

Now the above were a few homemade remedies to wipe off pimples and acne. I hope they will benefit you.

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