Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Health Benefits of Asparagus Spears

Usually, the Asparagus spears or shoots are eaten either raw or you can steam them. Asparagus spears are a good source of potassium, folic acid, rutin, and dietary fiber. Also, asparagus is another herb like alfalfa which brings our body to alkaline stage instantly after consumption due to its high ammonia content, but after eating asparagus spears, our urine will pull back us to our school/college days wherein you can remember the rotten egg smell of sulphur chemicals in our chemistry labs, so don’t need to panic after eating this plant’s spears.

Asparagus spears are rich in minerals, fibers, and vitamins and have been used to cure ailments related to kidney since ancient times before Christ and are believed to cleanse urinary system including bladder, kidneys, due to its strong diuretic properties.

Also, asparagus is said to be the best herb for relieving edema due to congestion in heart and also aids in curing arthritis by helping excrete all the body toxins and wastes, which might cause swollen joints.

Various benefits of asparagus spears include:

1.    Asparagus spears treat respiratory diseases strengthen lungs.
2.    Asparagus spears help treat TB, chronic fatigue, rheumatism, cold, coughs, back pain, arthritis gout, sports burnout, sciatica.
3.    Asparagus spears strengthen bones
4.    Asparagus shoots treat hemorrhages, kidney stones, convulsions, stomach pains, gallbladder problems, liver disease.
5.    Asparagus spears help weight loss, manage stress
6.    Asparagus shoots treat jaundice and kill intestinal worms.
7.    Asparagus cures skin diseases and brightens vision.

Homemade herbal recipe of asparagus:

The best way to eat Asparagus is to chop down into pieces and beat it with egg and prepare an omelet.

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