Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Food to Make Body Alkaline - Best Alkaline Foods

Here are some fruits which are alkaline in nature:
   1. Fig - if fresh figs are not available, you can go for pressed/dried figs.
   2. Apple (everyone would knew this).
   3. Watermelon
   4. Grapes
   5. Bananas

Better to avoid acidic foods and beverages like coffee. It is always good to intake green tea regularly with clover honey with a slice of lemon in it for achieving healthy alkaline state. This will bring in relaxation to our mind and elevates our mind and body to a better level (please avoid dust tea).

Fresh green tea leaves

Best ways to prepare alkaline green tea (homemade herbal drink):

   1. Please don’t boil the water along with the tea leaves as this will spoil the medicinal property of the green tea leaves.
   2. You can use the orange skins along with the water to prepare tea that way the medicinal properties of orange skin would enter into the water which we use it in tea
   3. You can use crushed ginger in the boiling water as this will bring you mind relaxation
   4. Never over boil the water
   5. You can put some alfalfa leaves or sage leaves which are too good for our health as a detoxifier.
   6. Avoid sugar rather go for honey.
   7. Daily intake of green tea is proved to reduce the biological aging process in human beings and green tea is a good detoxifier

In summary, our body pH balance should be maintained @ 7.4 and green tea and alkaline fruits mentioned above form the best foods to make body alkaline.

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