Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dry cracked heels home remedies

Have you ever experienced dry cracked heels? Are not they painful? Yes, I know they are because I had them a few times in my life but the good news for you is that there are several cracked heel home remedies available like use of baking soda, hydrogenated veggie oil application, losing weight, ripe banana pulp application, etc.

Now you will say how come I can use them as I don't have any idea what is their individual procedure or method?

Don't worry as I have listed down all the procedure step by step via this article: Natural Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Now go ahead and stop saying ooh, aah, ouch.....

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Homemade Herbal Recipe For Arthritis

A typical nagercoil style of curing arthritis is through Vaaraichi leaves (in nagercoil it is called as Vaaraichi ellai and in rest of the Tamil Nadu, they call it as vaadhamudaki ellai). It is a typical homemade herbal recipe for curing arthritis.

Pure Neem Leaves

Mix Vaaraichi ellai + veppilai (Neem leaves) + murungai Pattai (drumstick bark) and prepare a powder out of it and intake it daily. (This is for internal use). Always in Ayurveda Medicine, the combination of these natural herbs should be in odd numbers when a homemade herbal remedy is to be prepared.

Food to Make Body Alkaline - Best Alkaline Foods

Here are some fruits which are alkaline in nature:
   1. Fig - if fresh figs are not available, you can go for pressed/dried figs.
   2. Apple (everyone would knew this).
   3. Watermelon
   4. Grapes
   5. Bananas

Better to avoid acidic foods and beverages like coffee. It is always good to intake green tea regularly with clover honey with a slice of lemon in it for achieving healthy alkaline state. This will bring in relaxation to our mind and elevates our mind and body to a better level (please avoid dust tea).

Fresh green tea leaves

Best ways to prepare alkaline green tea (homemade herbal drink):

   1. Please don’t boil the water along with the tea leaves as this will spoil the medicinal property of the green tea leaves.
   2. You can use the orange skins along with the water to prepare tea that way the medicinal properties of orange skin would enter into the water which we use it in tea
   3. You can use crushed ginger in the boiling water as this will bring you mind relaxation
   4. Never over boil the water
   5. You can put some alfalfa leaves or sage leaves which are too good for our health as a detoxifier.
   6. Avoid sugar rather go for honey.
   7. Daily intake of green tea is proved to reduce the biological aging process in human beings and green tea is a good detoxifier

In summary, our body pH balance should be maintained @ 7.4 and green tea and alkaline fruits mentioned above form the best foods to make body alkaline.

Health Benefits of Asparagus Spears

Usually, the Asparagus spears or shoots are eaten either raw or you can steam them. Asparagus spears are a good source of potassium, folic acid, rutin, and dietary fiber. Also, asparagus is another herb like alfalfa which brings our body to alkaline stage instantly after consumption due to its high ammonia content, but after eating asparagus spears, our urine will pull back us to our school/college days wherein you can remember the rotten egg smell of sulphur chemicals in our chemistry labs, so don’t need to panic after eating this plant’s spears.

Asparagus spears are rich in minerals, fibers, and vitamins and have been used to cure ailments related to kidney since ancient times before Christ and are believed to cleanse urinary system including bladder, kidneys, due to its strong diuretic properties.

Also, asparagus is said to be the best herb for relieving edema due to congestion in heart and also aids in curing arthritis by helping excrete all the body toxins and wastes, which might cause swollen joints.

Various benefits of asparagus spears include:

1.    Asparagus spears treat respiratory diseases strengthen lungs.
2.    Asparagus spears help treat TB, chronic fatigue, rheumatism, cold, coughs, back pain, arthritis gout, sports burnout, sciatica.
3.    Asparagus spears strengthen bones
4.    Asparagus shoots treat hemorrhages, kidney stones, convulsions, stomach pains, gallbladder problems, liver disease.
5.    Asparagus spears help weight loss, manage stress
6.    Asparagus shoots treat jaundice and kill intestinal worms.
7.    Asparagus cures skin diseases and brightens vision.

Homemade herbal recipe of asparagus:

The best way to eat Asparagus is to chop down into pieces and beat it with egg and prepare an omelet.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Healthy Benefits of Almond Oil

I have written extensively on benefits of sweet almond oil and its uses in aromatherapy, natural medicine, and making homemade herbal remedies to combat various ailments and today I found a new article while browsing hubpages sharing some unique information Healthy Benefits of Almond Oil

The tips provided in this article are beneficial for people searching for the advantages of using almond oil for improvement of health including mental relaxation, treatment of arthritis, stiffening of joints, curing muscle pains, and many other uses. 

Healing Benefits of Homemade Herbal Recipes

There are a plenty of natural herbs that have a special healing power on our body if used in the right way. Homemade barberry recipe serves as a stimulant to the immune system and has antimicrobial properties that help in treatment of conjunctivitis and high blood pressure.

AJI herb stimulates the secretion of gastric juices and saliva and aids in digestion. When Aji is mixed with vegetable oil as a natural recipe, it is believed to relieve muscle pains and arthritis.

GARLIC also known as "Ebers Papyrus" is the oldest medicine that has been a part of more than 20 homemade herbal recipes used for treatment of different ailments including headaches, bites of poisonous insects, parasites, heart problems. Garlic cures colds, cough, bronchitis, liver problems, digestive disorders, etc. Garlic helps lowering blood sugar, regulating blood pressure and cholesterol. It is also believed to combat cancer. If you fear that its use can give you bad breath, do not worry as after using a couple of pieces of garlic, you can chew a sprig of parsley to relive bad breath.

WORMWOOD herbal plant is a natural anesthetic. It prevents infection. Combats cardiovascular diseases.

BASIL is thought to stimulate the immune system. It is used to cure alcoholism and intestinal parasites, deafness, cramps, and depression. Basil oil treats acne.

Alfalfa is used to treat stomach and duodenal ulcers, arthritis, fluid retention, combats cardiovascular diseases, and freshens breath due to a large concentration of chlorophyll.

Since ancient times ANGELICA homemade herbal recipe has been prescribed by seasoned herbalists and ancient Chinese and Hindu physicians to treat menstrual problems, colds, and arthritis. Angelica combats asthma. It is also used in treatment of digestive problems.

STAR ANIS is the natural herbal recipe prescribed against respiratory problems. It really helps in digestion. If you chew the seeds, it freshens breath. It also quiets down nausea, and cramping. It helps fight prostate cancer.

BLUEBERRIES cure urinary retention and urinary tract infections. BAYBERRY is used against fevers, diarrhea, and is a natural antibiotic.

SAFFRON herbal recipe strengthens the heart muscles, treats menstrual problems. It aids in digestion, maintains cholesterol levels, and treats blood pressure.

In fact, the learning of healing power of plants was acquired by the old man in his life more closely with the animal kingdom. Some served them food and others had to defend themselves, but in the natural relationship of prehistoric man and his environment, he just learned about the healing properties of plants from the animals. Still homemade herbal recipes are used by several alternative medicine physicians around the world to treat several diseases. Least but not last, above were just a few homemade herbal recipes with healing benefits. We will discuss about several other herbs via the upcoming articles.

Food With Exercise

Many people always go through the very difficult turmoil of what to eat when they are performing exercises or they have just started to make exercise as part of their daily routine and want to maintain a healthy and balanced diet along with it to make things perfect. People mostly prefer to take food which is rich in the required nutrients so that their body also gets all the nourishments it needs and the exercise can provide its complete benefits. Everyone knows that if you exercise for a long time, then you should have a large amount of intake of carbohydrates, proteins and most importantly lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. Make sure that water is also an important part of your diet.

But taking care of the amount of food that you eat and in what quantities should all the nutrients be taken, there are many other steps that you need to take which will promote to extract the best out of all the exercise routines that you do.

The most important fact to keep in mind is to have everything in the proper amount. Make sure you don't take anything more than is required or less. If you make sure that you will take nothing in excess then you are allowed to eat anything when making exercise as part of your daily routine. Eat your food. Don't fight with it. Eat it slowly and try to savor what you are eating. Enjoy it. This will greatly help in the metabolic process as well.

Make sure you eat the correct amount at the right time. Try to understand how much food your body needs at that time and eat only that much so that all the food is accurately converted to energy and your fat content of the body is not raised. Always try to eat a few hours before going to sleep. Don't eat and just jump into the bed.

Make sure you always have an excellent breakfast. This goes a long way in helping you keep a balanced diet and also keeps you less hungry during the rest of the day, which is perfect if you are trying to lose weight.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Health Benefits of Prunes (Dried Plums)

Prunes are good for lowering cholesterol and regulating blood sugar levels.

Prunes add up to very healthy gut and are good for heart disease.

Dried plums taken daily have a direct effect on the progression of atherosclerotic heart disease.

Three to four dried plums or prunes contain 3 g of insoluble fiber.

Prunes contain vitamin c, b 6, a, e. fatty acid 0.035.copper mg = 0.112.potassium k 293.0
mineals iron ,water, energy, protein, sugar, starch.

Dried plums are cholesterol, fat,.and sodium free and contain no fatty acids.

Healthy Masala Butter Milk Recipe

Ingredients of Butter Milk Recipe

Buttermilk: 200 ml
Cucumber: 100 gm
Green Chillies: One half
Corriander Leaves: 50 gm
Ginger: One half inch
Salt: According to the taste

Blend all the ingredients including buttermilk in the blender and serve chill.

Health Benefits of Butter Milk Recipe

This preparation helps in cooling down body. The prepration has also high content of fiber as vegetables and greens are included in the preparation. This preparation is more advisable for indivuduals planning weight loss. This preparation can be prepared in large amounts and stored for a day in the refrigerator and can be had whenever you are feeling hungry. As the buttermilk has also high fiber content, this would help people having high cholesterol and who are obese.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fresh Dahi vs Priobiotic Dahi

The curd what we set in our traditional way is a probiotic curd. Any food item which have the good bacteria in it, as do our home-set curds are probiotic food.

Probiotic are the foods which have the beneficial bacteria in them which aides our body through many ways. For reference, here are the benefits of probiotic curd.

To be specific, the probiotic curd sold in stores are the ones which have a mixture of different strains of the beneficial bacteria. And the amount of the major brands are always standardized and the required food analysis is done to confirm the same. These are the advantages of the probiotic curd sold at market. And the term is given more stress due to obvious marketing reasons.

Our home-set curd has also these probiotic bacteria, but not to confirmed levels which makes the difference.

Which cooking oil is best for healthy living?

This question remains in each of our minds when we go for our monthly grocery purchase. With plenty of brands of cooking oil being available at the market, the process of choosing becomes confusing.

Do you know what the recent researches suggest, I bet you will be shocked. For sure at least few of you who have been to the dietician should have heard the benefits of using different kinds of cooking oils for cooking.

Yes, never use the same cooking oil every month, keep changing the cooking oil out of the whole bunch of choices available in the market. The reason being that different cooking oils have different composition of essential fatty acids (EFA), no single cooking oil will have all the EFAs. It is important that our body recieve all kinds of EFA.

What can you do?

Keep changing the cooking oil each month. The choice should be among the ones which are high in monounsaturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acid, and the one with high smoke point as smoke point is the temperature to which an oil can be heated before it smokes and discolours — indications of decomposition. At the smoke point, the oil begins to emit an unpleasant odor and impart an unsavory flavor to the food.


1. Refined Oil.
2. Gingely Oil.
3. Groundnut Oil.
4. Olive OIl.

So keep changing the cooking oil each month to recieve all kind of essential fatty acids and remain healthy.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ideal Food For Ideal Weight Loss Strategy

For any weight loss program, it is very important that the diet you maintain is not only healthy, but is also a balanced diet. It should be full of all the nutrients that will make you reach the goal that you set for yourself faster and easier.

Make sure that the food intake that you maintain is low in carbohydrates. Try to eat lots of dry fruits mostly nuts, fruits and lots of vegetables. Make sure you make foods that are rich in vitamin C content, a large part of your daily diet. Such foods include fruits like lemons, oranges and many more. Vitamin C helps a lot in burning the fat that you have accumulated in your body. Vitamin C also is a great remedy if you are facing high cholesterol levels in your body. Make sure you involve apple as part of your daily diet. It reduces the capacity of your body to absorb fat.

Mostly it is a general perception that eating an egg increases your weight. This is true but what also is true that egg also have a large reservoir of proteins stored in it. When you eat an egg in the morning you don’t feel much hungry the rest of the day hence eating less. Make oats part of your daily diet. They are filling and hence help in weight loss.

There are also many pills available in the market that can help in burning your excess fats and greatly help you in losing weight quickly. But these pills should only be taken in extreme cases and only at the advice of your doctor. For normal people these pills are not recommended at all. When something can be done naturally, why follow methods which can be dangerous for your health and might not even guarantee a permanent remedy.

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