Thursday, May 27, 2010

How Society Treats Overweight People

For centuries, it was a sign of beauty to be somewhat overweight, and to have a “little meat on your bones”. In fact, it was considered to be sexy. Just look at Marilyn Monroe, who to this day is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was a size 14. So, why all of a sudden is it so important for people to be skinny? And why are people looked down on when they are overweight?

Society Overlooks the Overweight

It is a really sad thing to say, but many people get overlooked for many things, simply because they are overweight. This happens all of the time, in all kinds of different situations. This often begins during childhood. Children who are overweight or obese often teased and left out of things that their classmates are doing. This can really do some damage to a child's self esteem. Think about when you were in school. Even if you were slim, didn't it make you feel bad if you were the last one picked to play a game of tag or Simon Says?

Sadly, this doesn't change much as people get older. Overweight people are often overlooked for employment, with many of the better positions (especially those that are in the public eye) given to those who are slim and attractive. It even happens in every day life. At parties and clubs, overweight people are often the ones who are sitting down while their friends are up dancing and having a good time. This isn't because they don't want to have fun, but because no one is inviting them to have fun.

What Needs to Be Done to Change Society's Way of Thinking About Body Image?

It's not something that is going to happen overnight, but the way the world thinks about overweight people can change once again. It is essential that television programs and movies start using more actors who actually look like real people, and that the fashion industry use even more plus sized models than ever (in addition to the new rules about weight restrictions, which are a great first step).

The first place to start changing society's attitude is in childhood, when many prejudices are formed. Education is the key to having a more understanding society, one that is accepting of everyone, no matter their weight, color, race, religion or sexual identity.

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