Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to Eat Healthy so You Can Build The Strongest Muscles?

The way to bulk up is to eat and eat for increase in size.  However, you cannot just eat what you want.  You have to consider what foods you have to take in to keep yourself fit and healthy.   The quality and type of food is also crucial as the amount.
The first you have to consider is protein.  Your muscles are made up of complex protein fibers that break down every time you train yourself.  There are a lot of natural protein sources and protein supplements available for you to bulk up.  Chicken, poultry, beef, pork, legumes, mushroom, tofu, fish, eggs, all of them are rich in protein that can help you build up muscle.  You need to have at least 50g of protein in every meal to give you a supply of protein for muscle build up.  For you not to get tired of eating protein, cycle the type of protein that you eat.  You may eat chicken today and have legumes tomorrow.  Go healthier by eating broccoli with beef and oyster sauce.  You do not have to eat protein alone per se.  Kick it up a notch by adding in vegetables to give your immune system a boost.
When you eat protein, you will have to trim down fats.  That is, animal fats.  Saturated oils and trans fats are not good for your body as they help build up fat as well as atherosclerotic plaques that cause hypertension.  Still, you need fat in your diet to dissolve vitamins that are crucial for your immune system.  The fats that you do not need to cut out will be Omega-3 fatty acids that help get rid of bad cholesterol and maintain your nervous system.  Olive oil is considered a good fat for it helps you clean your system as well as speed up your metabolism for muscle building.
Keep in your carbs in a good level to further give your body enough energy for building muscle.  It is recommended that you eat 4-6 helpings of carbs a day for energy.   Good carbs come from pasta, rice, bread, or potatoes to your protein dishes to compliment your diet.  Stay away from sugar, doughnuts, and other foods loaded with empty calories for they only help build up fat and muscle.
It is not that hard to eat healthy as long as you know your dietary requirements for the day.  Balance your meals in accordance to your level of activity for a more effective use of nutrients for weight gain.
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