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Health Benefits of Beetroot Recipes

Beets are particularly rich in folate. It is found that folate acid and folic acid prevents birth defects, neural tube defects (nervous) and help against heart disease and anemia. Properties / Health  - Variety / Season

Beets are also high in fiber, soluble and insoluble. Insoluble fiber helps keep your intestinal tract working well, while the soluble fiber maintains its levels of blood sugar and cholesterol checked. Beets can be harvested at any stage of development, from thinning to the stage of full maturity, with a diameter of about 2 inches. Thinned beets are to be removed from the land before time, to make room for others, when the rows (rows) are over loaded. Thinned beets can be eaten raw, including the leaves in salads or roasted. Beets are high in natural sugar and when roasted reduce the amount of natural sugar.

Beets vary in color and shape depending on the variety. The beet is the most common of which is shaped red balloon. There is an Italian variety that has pink and white rings when cut into slices. Globe-shaped globe golden orange, then to a golden color (yellow gold) when cooked. Another variety is white, one pink, etc.
Beets larger than 3 inches in diameter are often fibrous and woody. Beet leaves have great nutritional content, but must be prepared separately. At the store, beet leaves absorb water from the beets, reducing its flavor, and beets are placed as dehydrated. Leave one inch of stem on beets and not hurt the bulb, to conserve moisture and nutrients. After cutting the leaves, beets can be stored well for a week in plastic bags with holes in the refrigerator. Eat beets while they are still firm and fresh

Wash beets carefully without breaking the shell. Breaks and cuts allow the color and nutritional value to escape. After cooking, the rind (skin) of beet can be easily removed by rubbing. Beets are known for their strong red pigment stain towels, wooden kitchen tables and sinks. Do not worry about your hands. Table salt easily removes stains from the skin.

Beets of different sizes and colors are cooked at different times. Select beets of equal size to avoid burn some. The beets are cooked when they can easily prick with a fork. Raw beets need to be washed and shredded or sliced as thin as possible. Borscht (Russian soup) is a popular beet soup can be served warm in winter and cool in summer.

Beet Recipes
Beet Nutrition Facts
Beet cultivation
Beet Recipes
(1 cup sliced cooked beets)
Calories 31
1.5 grams protein
Carbs 8.5 grams
Dietary Fiber 1.5 grams
Potassium 259 mg
Phosphorous 32 mg
Folate 53.2 mcg
Vitamin A 58.5 IU
Detail beet cultivation in gardens
Roasted Beets with Dijon dressing
3 pounds of beets, the same size (about 2 inches)
4 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 / 2 teaspoon black pepper
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard

Roasted beet salad

"It is rich in iron, a major consumption during pregnancy, period
menstrual, in the presence of anemia by hemoglobin production,
besides being rich in salt, so take this into account people with diet
without salt. For every 100 g of red beets 0.8 mg iron, 78 mg sodium.
For this reason, it is advisable for pregnant women and should not take people with toxemia of pregnancy. "

Benefits of Beetroot

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